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Product Ref: DCL-STPYE
Description A Universal YELLOW 25cm long 15 LED self adhesive coach lighting strip complete with operating unit. Features:- A 25cm long 15 LED White self adhesive strip which can be shortened if required by cutting off 5 cm lengths of 3 LEDs. It has an operating unit which rectifies and regulates the power inti 12 V DC. Can be powered directly from the DCC track power or through a decoder. It includes a simple adjuster to set the brightness to your own requirements. The operating unit also includes a 12 V stay alive system for prevention of flickering. It can power the lights for up to 2 minutes without track power. The dimensions of the board are L. 31mm W. 12mm D. 13mm. If you shorten the strip the removed sections can be used elsewhere powered by 12V DC to illuminate stations, houses etc. Parts are included to make a pickup for the track power.